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Nick Papadopoulos is CEO and Founder of CropMobster, which he and his partners launched in 2013 to provide communities with a crowdsourcing platform to transform food waste and community surplus into “win-win” value. These innovations emerged from Nick’s 2-year stint as GM of his family’s farm, Bloomfield Organics, where he was struck (in the farm’s walk-in cooler) by the toll food waste takes on farmers, hunger relievers and communities.

Prior to these experiences Nick spent over a decade as a serial entrepreneur and collaboration expert supporting regional policy initiatives, stakeholder engagement processes and corporate business initiatives. His team’s work has been featured in TIME MagazineThe Huffington PostCCTV and other leading publications.

CropMobster was recently selected as one of 120 delegates to the 2014 UN Foundation Global Accelerator, awarded the 2014 Red Cross Everyday Hero Award and had the good fortune of winning the hastily spray-painted Golden Rooster Award from the California Farmer’s Guild. He and his wife Jess live on the farm in Petaluma, CA.