Our 2015 theme is “The Human Condition”.

This year we’ll explore the universal opportunities of human experience.  Whether the search for meaning, joy, profession or purpose, a yearning for community, a desire to innovate and address global issues, or the inevitability of our own mortality, TEDxMarin 2015 will present ideas on how we might view, rethink and improve our collective lives. For tickets visit https://tedxmarin2015.eventbrite.com

Expected Topics include:

  • Human Rights – A leading voice in the Right to Die movement offers her take on how to die with dignity.
  • Human Resources – A no-holds-barred look at the gravity of the California water issue and what we can do about it.
  • Human Culture – A look at the developing crisis for boyhood in America and how we might reverse a troubling trend.
  • Human Innovation – Breakthrough research in stem cell technology may lead to a future of human regeneration.
  • Human Nature – We celebrate the human spirit through the stories of three ordinary people having an extraordinary impact.
  • Human Inspiration – On a human scale, challenges can seem overwhelming – even paralyzing. We will learn how to address challenge and be inspired from someone who has found exceptional motivation despite personal tragedy.

Josh-Simmons-300px2015 Theme Artwork by Josh Sommers.

Check out more of his artwork here.