Showcase 2015

INNOVATOR SHOWCASE @ the 2015 attendee reception

We expect executives on hand to demo:

  • A new wearable device that enables you to feel calm or energy on demand.
  • A collective art experience where participants come face-to-face with their shared humanity – literally and figuratively.
  • A virtual reality and augmented reality content creation platform.
  • The world’s most advanced water bike and made right here in Mill Valley.
  • An award-winning, independent wealth management firm based in Marin County.
  • A local company with a groundbreaking yet simple approach to balancing technology and our humanity.
  • A custom apparel business with a vision to help educators, coaches, parents, and organizations outfit their teams with confidence and ease.
  • An innovative Education Academy changing the way we learn.
  • A Mill Valley-based Integrative medical practice for health and wellness.
  • A new on call mobile veterinary service for pet owners.
  • A local photo arts school.
  • A personal business video services company.
  • An incubator and fiscal sponsor to over 100 local individuals and groups.
  • A complete smart irrigation system that reduces and manages outdoor water consumption.
  • A new, modern way to buy and have delivered farm fresh, delicious and nutritious food.
  • A company fusing art, fashion and technology that wraps around your wrist.
  • A creative media company dedicated to self-literacy.
  • A state-of-the-art therapeutic technology that supports a wide range of fitness and health goals.
  • A company whose mission is simple: get more people outside, connecting with nature.
  • A new start-up featuring a game of questions.
  • An organization which provides both workspace and tools to local organizations.
  • TBA