Better Than Happy?

Director of Wellbeing, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

New insight from the science of happiness that changes everything. What if there’s something better than happiness?

Daniel is an cross-cultural emotion scientist, writer, meditator, and awareness advocate serving as the Director of Wellbeing at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. He received in Ph.D. in emotion psychology from UC Berkeley after leading the Universal Expression Project – a massive global study of emotional expressions spanning ten industrialized nations and one isolated culture in Bhutan with whom he made first contact. Daniel has been studying human emotion for nearly ten years, and has been mentored by some of the most influential scientists in the affective sciences. He led and published the two largest cross-cultural studies to date in the field of emotion expression, and received his Ph.D. in emotion psychology from UC Berkeley, as well as two Master’s degrees (psychology, organic chemistry) from the same university. For the past three years, he has been dedicating his research at Yale to human wellbeing.