Innovator/Community Showcase Application

  • Briefly explain what this company does AND most importantly what folks would see and learn when visiting your table. Be specific please.
  • IMPORTANT- Please include what your GOAL is in showcasing to our audience. For example is it to acquire Funding? business leads?, find talent?, education?, etc etc
  • There is "typically" a fee to have a table (but read further below). Our Table fee includes a sponsorship and of course face to face presence with our attendees. Your logo would appear on digital media before the event. The showcase reception is about 3 hours. Standard fee for our showcase table at our annual show is $600 for a "for profit" and $350 for a non profit. You get a 6 foot table and up to 8 comp tickets to the event. NOTE: If you are asking for the showcase table to be pro-bono (free to you) OR LESS THAN FULL PRICE than please explain BELOW exactly WHY that needs to be. Tell us your budget $ and we will consider. Note: We get many dozens of requests for a free table at every show. We try hard to showcase interesting companies, start-ups and Non Profits which we feel bring something interesting/and new to our attendees and attending angels/vc's. NOTE: We too are not for profit.
  • What companies are in the same market space? Or are companies doing something similar/
  • If you wish more robust branding and exposure, all while positioning your company as supporting the TED Community. Please describe your interest and we will get back with you. You can also call the office at 415-785-8873 and ask for Bob.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.