Leading Potential, Inc.

Innovator Showcase

Leading Potential, Inc is an executive coaching and leadership development firm, providing coaching, training, speaking and facilitation for organizations. Our unique approach is based in adult development theory and provides a highly effective curriculum to achieve sustainable change and transformational growth.

Different from typical executive coaching, our clients grow to achieve adaptive goals, goals that require a shift in mindset, moving the client forward on the developmental continuum to produce greater capacity, new perspectives and the ability to lead more effectively in complex environments.

Our work with clients quickly surfaces hidden barriers to change, competing commitments preventing change and the underlying beliefs holding the counter-productive system in place. Clients transcend unproductive thoughts and assumptions, discovering new possibilities and making way for enduring change, even where previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

Leading Potential works with individuals, teams and groups on individual or collective goals, fueling growth and development of the organization as a whole.

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