Innovator Showcase

Phenoh is a beverage innovation company developing and marketing simple, sensible solutions to complex problems associated with the formulated beverage industry. The beverage industry today is driven by manufacturing efficiency and profitability, rather than the understanding of how products interact with the human body, affecting human health and performance. Phenoh 7.4 is the first line of non-acidic, healthy hydration beverages developed to promote improved nutrient delivery, metabolic performance, and oral health. As the World’s first functional beverage not to use acids for flavor and preservative effect, Phenoh 7.4 is different by design. Certified organic and Non-GMO Verified, Phenoh 7.4’s patented formula uses only premium plant-based nutrients and minerals supported by scientific research to work in harmony with the body for optimal human function in ways that traditional formulated beverages do not. Phenoh Inc. is an ethical company with philanthropy built into it’s core values. Phenoh is heavily involved in community outreach including consumer education and providing dental care to underserved patients both domestic and abroad.

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