Speaker Nominations are NOW OPEN.

For THE FUTURE OF FOOD   Salon / Thursday Eve. Nov 8th at 6:30pm

FORMAT: The TEDxSalon Format is different. The entire Salon is on ONE topic, in this case “The Future of Food“.  The evening includes interactivity with the audience and there is no filming.

We will have each speaker make an opening presentation (no slides just spoken word), then all speakers sit center stage to take questions from the 700+ attendees. 3-4 Speakers PLUS Moderator

PLEASE READ ALL THE GUIDELINES BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING thru our Nomination form at bottom of this page.


The Bay Area has become a fountainhead for the food movement, birthing concepts like “California Cuisine,” “locavore” and the “slow food” movement, while incorporating its other role as a technology hotbed to birth scores of startup innovations.

This crossroads of food culture, innovation and technology, and innovations based here promise to reshape our relationship with food: what it is comprised of, how it’s grown or preserved, and whether it’s consumed or wasted. How will the environment force change on future diets? How will vertical farming impact food options for an exploding urban population? What new roles may food play in our medicine and well-being? and what new insights do leaders in the food movement envision for the issues we face.

On Thursday November 8, our third 2018 TEDxMarin Salon will explore the future of food; rethinking our existing relationship with it, while bringing a wealth of ideas on emerging food systems to the TEDxMarin table.

If you have questions you can call the office at 415-785-8873, or send a direct email to the Executive Producer – Producer AT TEDxMarin DOT Org

The actual submission form starts at BOTTOM of this page. It is fine to self-nominate.


We seek accomplished and awe-inspiring speakers. Speakers while connecting genuinely with our audience must be able to convey a big idea or brand new information with passion and authority. We’re looking for speakers doing amazing work, or know something few do. You should have something truly important or unique to share, or perhaps can challenge our audience to think about Food  issues in a very new way. Speakers should be able to communicate in a 12 min speaking slot.

TEDxMarin is not the venue for first time/beginning speakers. We seek presenters who can argue for ideas which inspire. BIG ideas!, human stories – talks that will teach, entertain, make people think, make us laugh, cry or inspire actionWe are proud to bring high-caliber talks to the TEDxMarin community. To continue doing so, please understand that.

ALL proposals must include RECENT Video examples of you giving public talks. 

NOTE: Generally speaking, Talks which can touch peoples heart are far more interesting to us and MUST connect to our theme or salon topic.

Only full and complete submissions can be considered. So please, take your time assembling your proposal info fully for the form below. Because we get many nominations we are not able to answer all submissions. You can call the office at 415-785-8873 if you have more questions.

Speakers must tell a story or argue for an idea. They may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves or businesses. Every talk’s content must be original and give credit where appropriate. Speakers cannot plagiarize or impersonate other persons, living or dead.