This is where we take proposals/nominations for TEDxMarin Speakers.


After Jan 1st 2018 we will begin to consider proposals for next years BIG show (tentatively scheduled for mid-Sept 2018). We may also do a few smaller salon style events featuring speakers. But it all begins with your COMPLETE proposal.

Partial proposals will not be considered.

If you have questions you can call the office at 415-785-8873. Please read below our guidelines.

It is fine to self-nominate.


The actual submission form starts at BOTTOM of this page.


We seek accomplished and awe-inspiring speakers. Speakers while connecting genuinely with our audience must be able to convey a big idea with passion and authority. We’re looking for speakers doing amazing work, something truly important or unique to share, or perhaps can challenge our audience to think about cultural issues in a very new way. Speakers should be able to communicate their ideas or story clearly, directly, with passion and authenticity. We typically have 6 min, 8 min10 min and 12 min speaking slots.

TEDxMarin is not the venue for first time/beginning speakers. We seek presenters who can argue for ideas which inspire. BIG ideas!, human stories – talks that will teach, entertain, make people think, make us laugh, cry or inspire actionWe are proud to bring high-caliber talks to the TEDxMarin community. To continue doing so, please understand that

ALL proposals must include RECENT Video examples of you previous keynote-style talks. 

NOTE: Generally speaking, we are not looking for life or business coaching talks where the essence of that content is easily found elsewhere. Talks which touch peoples hearts are more interesting to us than are (as an example) talks on how to be more efficient at work or make more money. HOWEVER, if you feel you are truly saying something new and wow in that arena?  then by all means submit.

FYI-  Here are a few recent and successful (in the room) TEDxMarin talks.

Paul Piff on GREED , David Sedlak on the Water Crisis , Robb Willer discussing forces that unite and divide us. Cassie Jaye’s Talk on the Mens Rights movement and Eric Corey Freed on growing buildings.

Important: We can only consider speakers with a strong track  record of presenting keynote-type presentations. Podcasts/interviews and/or panel discussion are interesting but do not qualify.

A TEDxMarin talk must be an original talk. It cannot be a re-purposed or updated talk /or one that is already available online at a different venue.

Only full and complete submissions can be considered. So please, take your time assembling your proposal info fully for the form below. Because we get many nominations we are not able to answer all submissions. You can call the office at 415-785-8873 if you have more questions.

The TED Commandments

These are the official guidelines from TED on how to prepare your talk. These tips are given to all TED Conference and TEDx speakers as they prepare their TEDTalks. They will help speakers craft talks that will have a profound impact on your audience.

  • Dream big. Strive to create the best talk you have ever given. Reveal something new/never seen before. Do something the audience will remember forever. Share an idea that could change the world.
  • Show us the real you. Share your passions, your dreams … and also your fears. Be vulnerable. Speak of failure as well as success.
  • Make the complex plain. Don’t try to dazzle intellectually. Don’t speak in abstractions. Explain! Give examples. Tell stories. Be specific.
  • Connect with people’s emotions. Make us laugh! Make us cry!
  • Don’t flaunt your ego. Don’t boast. It’s the surest way to switch everyone off.
  • No selling from the stage! Unless we have specifically asked you to, do not talk about your company or organization. And don’t even think about pitching your products or services or asking for funding from stage.
  • Don’t read your talk. 
  • End your talk on time. Doing otherwise is to steal time from the people that follow you. We won’t allow it.
  • Rehearse your talk in front of a trusted friend … for timing, for clarity, for impact.

Speakers must tell a story or argue for an idea. They may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves or businesses. Every talk’s content must be original and give credit where appropriate. Speakers cannot plagiarize or impersonate other persons, living or dead.

Speakers must be able to confirm the claims presented in every talk — TED and TEDx are exceptional stages for showcasing advances in science, and we can only stay that way if the claims presented in our talks can stand up to scrutiny from the scientific community. TED is also not the right platform for talks with an inflammatory political or religious agenda, nor polarizing “us vs them” language. If Talks fail to meet the standards above, TED reserves the right to insist on their removal.