US Pure Water

USPW  is a mission driven, privately owned company, exploring the idea of combining profitability with humanitarianism and betterment of our environment, a model that makes sense for our times. We are part of a growing movement concerned with the health and longevity of our shared water commons, oceans and waterways. We rally for policy that prevents exploitation and privatization of our waterways.

Our mission is to eliminate the damaging environmental impact of plastic waste worldwide, by providing municipalities, companies, events & festivals, as well as residences, with a ‘point-of-use’ water treatment option as an alternative to fuel intensive bottled water delivery, and/or the consumption of single use plastic bottles destined for landfill or to sully oceans, forests and cities.

We provide full spectrum water treatment service and sales and have been at the forefront of water treatment technology since 1985. We install and service water filtration and purification systems for homes, restaurants, offices, hotels, grocery stores, festivals and events, and municipalities who want great tasting, healthy drinking water without plastic bottles.

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