Host of the 2012  TEDxMarin:

Bill O’Connor – Founder, Autodesk’s Innovation Genome Project

Bill O’Connor works on the Corporate Strategy + Engagement team at Autodesk, where he co-manages the company’s thought leadership platform, edits the monthly publication POV, and serves as the primary speechwriter for the company’s CEO and CTO. He also writes a monthly column about innovation for Forbes.

He is the Founder of The Innovation Genome Project, where he and his team are in the process of researching the most important 1,000 innovations in world history, looking for practical patterns and insights that people can apply to their day-to-day work. Bill has presented findings from the project at industry conferences, and to Autodesk customers and internal teams, international trade delegations, and business schools. A short film about the project will also be released in August 2012.

Bill has 25 years of experience working on projects at the intersection of content, business, technology, design, and culture, and has lived and worked in New York, London, Boston, and San Francisco.

He has written and presented widely on all things Internet, including a piece called “Create or Be Created: The Internet Renaissance” on the peer-reviewed journal First Monday.Org, as well as appearances on CNN and at Yale University. He currently serves on the advisory boards of two Bay Area technology startups. He is a long-time student of creativity and innovation, and has been a guitarist, singer, and songwriter since he was 15.

Bill can be reached at