Amy Slater Consulting

A keynote speaker, best selling author, corporate consultant, and business branding coach, Amy Slater has been the epitome of a woman entrepreneur.

For 25 years, Amy has worked for some of the greatest brands in technology. Names like AT&T, Cable and Wireless, Cisco, Salesforce and TiVo.

In 2016, Amy left corporate America behind. Time to become a brand herself !, Amy Slater Consulting was born. From corporate boardrooms, to event stages, to one-on-one executive coaching, Amy is making a name for herself as a full service consulting firm in the world of business, communication, and branding. And even with all that, she still found time to publish her first book last year, “Moments – Magic, Miracles, And Martinis, How To Move Forward In Times Of Uncertainty.”

Amy is a resident of the Bay Area, a mom to three beautiful daughters, and a proud sponsor of TEDxMarin. If you would like to learn more about her, her work, and/or her book, please visit her website at