Thank you for your interest to join our esteemed Board of Advisors.

In essence, the role of our Board is to help TEDxMarin:

  • Identify and unearth amazing speakers to approach. Our Executive speaker team follows up
  • Assist us in attracting interesting start-ups to showcase at our live events.
  • Help us in creating a compelling theme and topics for the annual show and our TEDxSalons.
  • Inviting beloved colleagues to join our member INVITEE list (free).
  • * Securing in your initial year- a base level of sponsorship and/or underwriting support to help sustain our event series.

If accepted to our Board, you are listed as an advisor on website, get special badging and complimentary admission to all our events AND are invited to private Board get-togethers. There are no set meetings to attend per se. We primarily work via private emails for direct feedback and voting on possible themes etc.


We seek open-minded, fun, connected, socially active individuals from a broad set of industries and talents. We desire folks comfortable with helping to curate a great attendee list to our events.  A sense of Humor is highly appreciated. We seek new Board Members which compliment existing Board strengths.

* NOTE: All new Board members are asked to commit to secure at least $2,500 of underwriting support in their initial calendar year. After the first year you, you help as you can.

The Board of Advisors do not “book” the speakers, but rather advise /make introductions to THE SPEAKER TEAM (Executive Board) about potential great ones.

If you have questions call the office at 415-785-8873 and/or send an email to Bob Ayres at Producer @ TedxMarin dot ORG.

  • We'd like to know what you do for a living and what you are most passionate about in your work life.
  • Please list 3 areas of interests, (industries, issues, etc.)
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  • Please list 3 websites you enjoy/respect
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  • TEDxMarin leans on its Board of Advisors to invite great folks (other curious minds) to occasional events. Do you anticipate being comfortable extending to your personal network, invitations to occasional TEDxMarin gatherings?
  • Do you hold any interest in speaking at TEDxMarin yourself?
  • Do you feel you might prove helpful in helping connect TEDxMarin with potential AMAZING speakers?
  • Helping to secure sponsoring companies would be part of your Board role. Do you feel you might prove helpful in helping connect TEDxMarin with sponsors ?
  • Please tell us about YOU. Who are you?. NOT what have you done or accomplished, but rather, what animates you in life, what you feel most passionate about. Also please include what unique talents you might bring to the mix.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.