Singer/songwriter/instrumentalist Matt Venuti plays captivating musical instruments and his songs, stories and spoken word touch the heart in a profoundly beautiful way. He also has a storied history of composing and performing a unique brand of instrumental music that has earned the accolades of many world-wide fans.

Matt tours nearly year-round, accompanying himself on the 21st Century melodic-percussive instruments called the Hang, the Gubal, the Gudu and Hang Gu…that allow him to create kaleidoscopic rhythms and melodies that are awe-inspiring and unforgettable. He’s one of the premier players of this new breed of instrument that kick-started a modern renaissance in musical instrument design.

Aside from his acoustic leanings, Matt also has a vast background in electronic music and is one of the prominent players of the Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) wind synthesizer.

Matt has a history of performing at progressive events and diverse venues that range from house concerts to concert halls. His band, The Venusians, have for years been influential in the ambient and world music scene of San Francisco and the West Coast and were in the forefront of merging electronic music with more traditional instrumentation.