SUBMISSIONS for 2022 programs have not yet opened.

We expect to announce soon when we will open up nominations for 2022.  Do not submit until then, please. Due to Covid, we are not settled on our plans. Feel free to Call 415-785-8873 with any questions about our process and what we tend to like.

We are always happy to discuss with (serious-minded) presenters.

Read below if you wish to understand (generally) our guidelines.
Thank you for your interest.

about being a speaker for TEDxMarin is right here.

Including the Nomination form.

If you have specific questions (not answered below) you can always call the office at 415-785-8873, or send a direct email to the Executive Producer (Bob Ayres) – Producer @ TEDxMarin DOT Org. 

PLEASE READ this entire page BEFORE submitting or calling.
Thank You.

Our next events will be in 2022

ONLY COMPLETE and well-developed submissions will be considered.


The actual Nomination form is at the very bottom of this page.

NOTE: As stated above for the foreseeable future, we anticipate being a virtual show. This would mean speakers (if added to a show) are filming themselves (with pre-approved scripts and lots of help from us) and we do final editing, insertion of slides, broadcast, and TED platform uploading.

Here are the talks from our late 2020 show

It is fine to self-nominate.

We always seek speakers offering new research, ideas, stories, or fresh perspectives on how best to accelerate real change in the world, meaningful work, wellness, joy, freedom, or purpose while we all invest in a vibrant and compassionate world. Wow and truly fresh thinking, stories, and ideas are what we seek.

We feature A-list speakers bringing thought-provoking ideas on broad sets of topics focusing on how we’ll live, cope, work, stay healthy, and thrive in the world to come.



We value diversity. Speakers while connecting genuinely with our audience must be able to convey a big idea or truly new information with passion and authority. We’re looking for speakers doing amazing work. You should have something truly important or unique to share, or perhaps can challenge our audience to think about something important in a very new way. Speakers should be able to communicate in a 12 min speaking slot.

TEDxMarin is not the venue for first time/beginning speakers. We seek presenters who can argue for ideas that inspire. BIG ideas! Human stories – talks that will teach, entertain, make people think, make us laugh, cry, or inspire action. We are proud to bring high-caliber talks to the TEDxMarin community.

REMEMBER– You are sharing ideas, not issues.

What is your big idea?

Ideas often start with “What if” or “What happens when?” What if we used plant cells to grow human skin?  What if we fundamentally misunderstand compassion?

Ideas refresh and reframe our perspective. 

Below are three simple tests to apply to your talk. If just one of them helps frame your concept, then you’re probably on your way to a solid idea.

Does your talk:

  1. Re-frame an existing paradigm? – Sometimes the world agrees to look at a situation or idea from a similar perspective. What happens when we change that vantage point slightly? What new insights or understanding might we glean from a shift in perspective?
  2. Challenge an existing paradigm? – Does tradition or mindset cause us to accept, unexamined, certain conditions or ideology? What happens when we refute the status quo? What happens if the existing paradigm were simply removed?
  3. Offer a completely new paradigm? – Will your talk reveal a never-before-seen concept, technology, or methodology? Is it a true breakthrough?

The best test is to see if you can state your idea in just a sentence or two. Try running your idea by others to gauge their reactions. Do people understand it? Do they want to know more? Would they be willing to buy a ticket to hear about it?

Finally, have patience and give your idea time to develop. Writing is a great way to explore, refine, and distill your thinking. Don’t be afraid to noodle and play. Putting effort into discovering your core concept will help make your talk an idea worth spreading. 


These types of talks are not high on our list of interests. If your talk is, in essence, a “motivational talk” then please explain in your submission, EXACTLY, how you are breaking new ground. There is a very high bar to clear for TED when we consider a motivational talk.

If you have any questions, call us at 415-785-8873.

ALL proposals must include RECENT Video examples of you giving a public talk and a draft script

What we tend to like.

Generally speaking, Talks that can touch people’s hearts and/or are aimed at making this world a better healthier place, are far more interesting to our audience.

Any talk that profoundly challenges us to think differently on big issues, or offers unique solutions to life’s or the world’s vexing problems? or shares breakthrough science… we will be more interested to review.

Only complete submissions can be considered. So please, take your time assembling your proposal info fully for the form below. Because we get many nominations, we are not able to answer all submissions. You can call our office at 415-785-8873 if you have questions.

Speakers should tell a story or argue for an idea. They may not use the TED stage to sell products, promote themselves, books, webinars, consulting practices, or businesses. Every talk’s content must be original and give credit where appropriate. Speakers cannot plagiarize or impersonate other persons, living or dead.