Saturday Sept 15th 6pm-10pm 

The Annual GALA / FILMING SHOW  At the James Dunn Theater on the College Of Marin Campus

7-8 TEDTalks  Speakers announced Aug 1st


Astounding technology is about to become commonplace, and it will change everything. Where radical advancements reconfigure the convergence between our humanity and the technology we wield, we may need to rethink our search for meaning, joy, profession, health and purpose. Our annual show will explore the pitfalls and promises of our technology-infused future. Nanotechnology and embedded sensors promise to augment our capabilities;  blockchain and crypto-currencies could upend the ways we track ownership, distribute commodities, and manage wealth; gene science moves to rewrite the limitations of our heredity; immersive VR and telepresence redefines the real; and robotics, automation, and AI forces a hard rethink of jobs held by man and machine. From the molecular to the grand, the many new ways we’ll engage with technology are creating a changing experience of our very identity.

TEDxMarin 2018 will offer a big picture view of this emerging coexistence, and bring inspiration to our Bay Area community with thought-provoking insights and ideas how we’ll live, work and thrive in the world to come.



TEDxSalon # 3        Thursday November 8th 7pm-9:30pm

The Future of Food: 

From Big Data to Food as Medicine

What new insights do leaders in the food industry envision for the issues we face?
The Bay Area has become a fountainhead for the food movement, birthing concepts like “California Cuisine,” “locavore” and the “slow food” movement, while incorporating its other role as a technology hotbed to birth scores of startup innovations. This crossroads of food culture, innovation and technology, and innovations based here promise to reshape our relationship with food: what it is comprised of, how it’s grown or preserved, and whether it’s consumed or wasted. How will the environment force change on future diets? How will we maintain healthy food options for an exploding population? What new roles may food play in our economy and well-being? and what new insights do leaders in the food movement envision for the issues we face.
On Thursday November 8, our third 2018 TEDxMarin Salon will explore the future of food; rethinking our existing relationship with it, while bringing a wealth of ideas on emerging food systems to the TEDxMarin table.
James Dunn Theater @ The College of Marin in Kentfield
(Speakers TBA) Call 415-785-8873 for info

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